going Global

This year Full Life is going global, working with international partners to help tackle food insecurity across the world.

Over 1,500 hours volunteered to take positive action to tackle hunger

million meals

Over 2.1million meals donated globally to tackle food insecurity


Over £2.1 million in donations from consumers via our in-app round up donation feature

A global network of Deliveroo volunteers

We’re building a global network of Deliveroo volunteers to help tackle food insecurity, increasing the number of employees volunteering in their communities.

In-app donations

We’re rolling out our in-app donation feature to raise vital donations to our charity partnerships tackling food insecurity.

We are incredibly excited to partner with Deliveroo to deliver much-needed food supplies to our local communities. Food insecurity is a daily struggle for families around the world; with Deliveroo’s Full Life campaign, we are glad to be doing our part to support communities in need — one food relief box at a time.

We are delighted to partner with Deliveroo on its Full Life Campaign, an initiative on their platform to raise awareness on the twin issues of food waste and food insecurity. Investing in our work to redistribute food that might otherwise go to waste

Food poverty is an emergency that, with the pandemic, has reached worrying peaks in our country. In fact, the number of people asking our Committees for help is constantly increasing. I thank Deliveroo Italy which, for some time now, has supported our initiatives to combat this unacceptable scourge